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The Anna-Warburg-School is a vocational school for social pedagogy with approximately 1,000 students and 110 employees.

The school holds many specialised rooms, well equipped for art, music, sciences, movement, and theatre. The school also has an auditorium with a stage and a nicely designed campus that borders the “Niendorfer Gehege”, an inviting forest for outdoor activities and relaxation. All classrooms are equipped with modern media devices such as the Smart Board and additionally whiteboards and notebook computers.

The Anna-Warburg-School comprises a day-care centre with a practice training centre, the “PAKITA”.

The school has had the name Anna-Warburg-School ever since November 2009, after our new main building was inaugurated.

A line of Anna Warburg’s relatives and descendants from all over the world attended this festivity. The school stays in touch with their namesakes via e-mails, letters, and even visits from Anna Warburg’s daughters.

Our Educational Programmes...
Vocational School for Social-Pedagogical Assistance
Vocational School for Social Pedagogy
Vocational Secondary School for Education and Social Pedagogy

What Distinguishes Us from Others...      
Different employment histories, extra qualifications and work experiences of our teachers, who preferably work in teams, are the basis of our work as an institution of vocational education. The comfortable and pleasant learning culture and the good results of our graduates find recognition, also outside of Hamburg.

The school has a well equipped library with a wide range of literature for all sciences required for school and training. Students are supervised by well educated staff. An extensive department for literature for children and young people, a media centre, and computer workplaces for students are included.

The counselling services of our school include counselling in psychosocial, study, work and inclusion matters. All members of the team are qualified professionals with a corresponding training or further education.

The culinary offer is taken care by our bistro, which is run by “Alsterfemo”, an institution for the integration of disabled people.

Our students have the opportunity to take part in projects in foreign countries and to participate in field trips and study trips.

Our school life encompasses a school culture that also brings people together outside of the school. Teachers and students regularly organise sport events and school festivities, a “Day of Music”, Christmas carolling, theatre and music performances, cooking events and the awarding of the “Anna-Warburg-Prize”.

Special events about current socio-political and scientific topics expand our school’s agenda and set impulses for discussions beyond school boundaries.

Anna Warburg...
She was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1881 and came to Hamburg because of her uncle, Abi Warburg, and attended a Froebel seminar. Whereas she was enthusiastic about her kindergarten teacher training and Froebel’s work, the real situation of the then current “Warteschulen” (literally: waiting schools) displeased her. In 1908 she married a distant relative, an inhabitant of Hamburg called Fritz Warburg.

Despite her commitments as a wife and mother of three daughters, she dedicated herself to improve the situation of day care centres. She then founded a kindergarten in 1910 as a training centre for the Froebel seminar and as a model for other facilities for children.

She also became involved in the kindergarten teacher training. Anna Warburg was chairwoman of the Hamburg-Froebel-Seminar (since 1910) and later chairwoman of the committee for children’s institutions (since 1920).

She had to withdraw from her public positions after Nazis had seized power. In the years to 1938 she took care of more than 1,000 Jewish children on her private property in Blankenese in Hamburg and trained Jewish women to become kindergarten teachers. With her family,

She had to flee to Sweden in 1938. In 1957, she and her husband moved to Israel.

Anna Warburg died on June 8th, 1967 in the kibbutz “Nezer Sereni” in Israel.